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Server Configuration Monitor (SCM)



server configuration and change monitoring tool that's easy to use! SCM shows you when changes occur across your servers and applications. See and compare those changes to baselines, identify when they impact performance, and know where to go to fix the problem using the following features:

  • Dynamic IIS configuration file monitoring: The out-of-the-box SCM profile for IIS is capable of dynamically identifying and monitoring all web.configs referenced in an applicationHost.config file. This allows you to dynamically track changes to all IIS sites’ web.configs without having to identify each file individually.
  • Custom file and registry monitoring: Users can create custom lists (or "profiles") of files and registry entries to monitor for changes on Windows servers with an Orion Agent for Windows deployed.
  • Baseline configurations: Identify a server's configuration at a particular date and time as the baseline configuration for that server. Compare the configuration at any date and time to the baseline to identify differences.
  • Line-by-line comparison of configuration items across time: View a side-by-side comparison of a server's configurations from any two points in time to see what has been added, removed, or changed. Drill down even further to see a line-by-line comparison of the configuration items contents to quickly identify the exact changes that occurred and expedite troubleshooting.


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