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SolarWinds Customer Support Information

Updated March 11th, 2016


This guide provides an overview on SolarWinds Support and helps you to make the most of the SolarWinds Support. This guide explains the SolarWinds support structure, the support model, and the support case process. This guide is updated by SolarWinds from time to time, and any new version replaces all previous versions. 

Note: All material provided in this article is intended for informational purposes only and does not replace any official documents provided by SolarWinds and/or entered into between you and SolarWinds.


SolarWinds Internal Support Structure

Customer Service Team

Our Customer Service Team can provide guidance on a number of topics, including:

  • Logging in to your customer portal
  • Updating your customer account, contact information, or billing address
  • Checking the status of an order or invoice
  • Reporting an issue with the website
  • Any license related issues, such as resets, registration and merging

The Customer Service Team can be contacted via telephone, email, or online using our online Support Case Submission. SolarWinds is available to assist you with the general operation of your account 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday – Friday).

Technical Support Team

The Technical Support Team is here to assist with your technical product issues. Each member of our Technical Support Team specializes in a number of SolarWinds products and can be contacted by telephone or online using our online Support Case Submission. SolarWinds is available to assist you with technical product issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.


Application Engineer Team

The most senior engineers, which constitute the Application Engineer Team, have visibility into cases that are escalated to them from the Technical Support Team. The Application Engineer Team works closely with development on these advanced issues.

SolarWinds Technical Support Model

The SolarWinds Technical Support provides technical assistance to active SolarWinds Customers who are covered by the maintenance and support provided by SolarWinds (“Active Maintenance”). SolarWinds Technical Support provides general guidance about SolarWinds products and, if applicable and where possible, workarounds and bug fixes. SolarWinds Technical Support is available globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. SolarWinds may transfer cases to the nearest Technical Support location to provide customers with the best response times and support experience. 

Note: SolarWinds does not provide a guarantee for resolution times, release dates, or provision of bug fixes or feature requests.

Delivery of Technical Support

SolarWinds Technical Support primarily utilizes phone and online support to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible. Where the Technical Support Team has determined that it would be beneficial to interact with your environment directly, your Support Representative may host a secure remote session to interact with you and your environment. Support is provided primarily in English.

Technical Support Availability

The SolarWinds Technical Support Team is available globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Where needed, cases can be transferred between geographic regions to better assist you with your concern, based upon our follow-the-sun model.

Third-party Issues

If an issue is determined to be caused by a third party or third-party hardware or software, good or services, customers will need to contact the relevant 3rd party for resolution.

Customer Role

Before opening a case with SolarWinds, go through the following checklist, which helps in resolving your issue as quickly as possible:

  • Check Self-Service Resources, such as documentation, training videos, and knowledge base articles on the Success Center . You can also search or post your question to the SolarWinds community,
  • Clearly Define the Question or Problem. Define the issue, provide symptoms, steps tried, screenshots, how often the issue occurs, and the business impact, if any.
  • Collect Environmental and Product Information. Collect product information, including product version, relevant OS detail (Version, RAM, CPU), and other applicable infrastructure information that you believe may be relevant.
  • Gather Diagnostics. Obtain diagnostics information, such as error details, traces, and product diagnostics.
  • Contact Customer Service and/or Technical Support. Call or open an online ticket with Customer Service and/or Technical Support. When submitting an online ticket, fill in the case submission form providing the above detail. An automated response will provide you with steps for uploading any additional media such as screenshots, diagnostics, trace files and logs.

Support Case Process

Technical Support Case Submission Procedures

SolarWinds customers can contact SolarWinds Support in the following ways:


The following flow chart details the actions that happen when submitting an online support case.Support Case Flow Chart

When you submit the ticket, you will get an automated email response with your ticket number. You can reply back to this to attach any small files to the case (<5MB), but for anything larger, you will need to upload them to us:

  1. Open LeapFile and upload your file (or files), using your ticket number as the subject and as the recipient.
  2. Ping an email through to your support ticket to let us know you have files uploaded already for us – SolarWinds is not automatically notified. It will make your Support Engineer’s day.

Online Knowledge Base

Many find their support questions are answered in our extensive knowledge base and product documentation. To resolve your issue as quickly as possible, SolarWinds recommends that you search our online resources, available at the Success Center.

Online or Telephone Support

You may contact the Technical Support Team by telephone, or online support case. SolarWinds recommends creating an online support case, so you can provide the Technical Support Team with the details to start investigating your issue. Many issues can be resolved with a review of our log files or diagnostics information. All Technical Support cases are routed to a global case queue and are assigned to an available Support Representative.

Identifying your Support Case

You may define case priority when creating a Support case. Cases are managed based on their priority. The five priorities are System Down, Urgent, High, Medium and Low. Customers may also directly access Technical Support via the telephone, with all phone calls being treated as Urgent priority. If you feel that an issue is not being resolved quickly, you may request that the case priority be changed. 

Note:  SolarWinds does not provide SLAs or a guarantee for resolution, resolutions times, release dates, or provision of bug fixes or feature requests.

System Down Product is nonfunctional and/or has unrecoverable service failure. Critical Business Impact.
High Product is functional but with consistent issues or one product area is nonfunctional. Functionality is degraded. Some business impact.
Medium Product is functional with minor or intermittent issues. Occasional functionality degradation. Minimal business impact.
Low Product is functional with no apparent issues. Requests for upgrade documentation, feature requests, technical information, how to questions, product use questions. No business impact.

Increasing Visibility

SolarWinds has formal procedures in place to advance a case quickly and increase the visibility of an issue. You may request case advancement at any point if the case is not progressing to your satisfaction. 

To increase visibility, you can:

  • Reply in the Support Case and reclassify the priority of the case.
  • Email, and a technical support manager will follow up accordingly.
  • Contact us by telephone.

Customer Portal

You can access their information on the Customer Portal

Signing in to your Customer Portal will allow you to:

  • Download your licensed products, service packs, hot fixes and additional components.
  • Report issues and manage your Support cases.
  • Get your license keys, register your products, renew or co-term your maintenance.

Other Resources

The following provides some additional resources on working with the SolarWinds Support Team available.

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