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Configure Domino Lotus Notes for SMTP

Table of contents


This article provides information about setting up a Domino server as an SMTP server.


  • Patch Manager version 2.1+
  • All versions of Lotus notes 


When you set up an IBM® Domino server as an SMTP server, you can enable Patch Manager to email you when a task or sync is completed. 

Enabling the SMTP Listener allows a server to receive mail over SMTP. The server can listen for SMTP traffic over the TCP/IP port (usually port 25) and receive SMTP messages in the MAIL.BOX database(s). 

By default, Domino uses Lotus Notes routing only and is not configured for SMTP routing. To have Domino use SMTP to send and receive mail:

  1. Prepare your system for sending messages to the Internet by testing your Internet connection and verifying that DNS is configured properly.
  2. Enable the SMTP Listener task in the Server document of each server you want to receive mail over SMTP.
  3. Enable SMTP routing within the local Internet domain for servers to send mail over SMTP within the local Internet domain.
  4. Enable SMTP to be used to send messages outside the local Internet domain.
  5. Specify the relay host (if any) to be used when sending mail outside the local Internet domain. Configure a relay host for SMTP servers that do not have direct access to the Internet.
  6. Set up inbound and outbound mail restrictions to protect against misuse of the mail infrastructure.
  7. To allow POP3 or IMAP users who connect to Domino from an external network to send mail to external Internet domains, specify exceptions to inbound relay enforcement for authenticated users.

See Overview of routing mail using SMTP on the IBM website for more information. 

Below is an image of where you would enter this information in Patch Manager:




Use the following guidelines when you configure your Domino Lotus Notes server:

  • The Lotus Notes server uses port 25 when using SMTP to receive and send email.
  • Lotus Notes Domino server uses port 443 for HTTPS or SSL requests.
  • Lotus Notes uses port 8080 as the default for HTTP proxy requests.


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