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Cannot download third party updates in Patch Manager

Updated: September 6, 2018


When you synchronize the SolarWinds Update Catalog, the following error displays: 

Unexpected website connection issue when trying to download 
'': The underlying connection 
was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.


All Patch Manager versions


Some certificates are not being installed in the Trusted Root CA store of the Patch Manager server.


Install the certificates

  1. On the Patch Manager server or a workstation, open a browser and go to the SolarWinds website.
  2. Manually install the certificates across to the server.
    1. Install the certificates in the the Trusted store:
    2. Install the certificates in the Trusted Root CA.

      The certificates may be removed by your GPO or antivirus program.

    3. Place the certificates in your GPO to be installed.
    4. Manually install the certificates.

Verify the proxy server settings

  1. Make sure the proxy server setting are correct. 
    See Configure the proxy settings in the Patch Manager Administrator Guide for details.
  2. If you changed the proxy settings, restart the EminentWare Data Grid Service and resynchronize the SolarWinds catalog. 


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