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Orion Installer 2.1 feature: Centralized Upgrades

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With Centralized Upgrades, upgrading a large deployment is faster and easier than ever. After you upgrade the Main Polling Engine and open the Orion Web Console, the Orion Installer checks for scalability engines (Additional Polling Engines, Additional Web Servers, and HA servers) that also need to be upgraded. If the scalability engines are reachable, the installer automatically downloads the executable and starts the upgrade.

With Centralized Upgrades:

  • All reachable scalability engines are upgraded in parallel to minimize the time required to upgrade. 
  • The upgrade and configuration wizards start and run automatically. There's no need to RDP in to the server to start the process. (RDP links are available in case you need to access the scalability engine server to resolve an issue.)


What you need to know

To take advantage of Centralized Upgrades when you upgrade your environment:

  • Do not stop Orion services on your scalability engines before the upgrade. If you stop Orion services, the scalability engines are not reachable.
  • When the Configuration wizard is complete on the Main Polling Engine, select the option to open the Orion Web Console. The Console automatically opens the Deployment Upgrade Wizard.


User comments about Centralized Upgrades:

  • “That’s a significant improvement for our team and environment. It would probably cut down the amount of time that we are spending ourselves… Rather than spending several hours RDPing and copying and clicking through all these wizards…this would make it a lot more simplistic and easy to watch through and see where we’re at. Less room for errors and mistakes.”
  • “My major thing is training people to do this arduous upgrade workflow that takes at least a day, if not a long day, of work. And this type of solution, the centralized upgrade, would alleviate most of my concerns that way."


Michael Sawyer
Principal DevOps Engineer


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