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ipMonitor 10.8.2 Release Notes

Created by Meryl Wilk, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Feb 22, 2017

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Last updated: October 8, 2013


Congratulations on your purchase of SolarWinds ipMonitor. ipMonitor provides a comprehensive fault management platform that allows you to collect and view availability and real-time statistics directly from your web browser. While monitoring, collecting, and analyzing data from routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and many other networked devices, ipMonitor successfully offers you a simple-to-use, network monitoring solution for IT professionals juggling small to medium-sized networks.

Why Install this Version

Version 10.8.2

This version resolves an issue with the installer in relation to determining an installation path.

Fixes in this Version

Version 10.8.2

  • ipMonitor installer only installs in the default location (c:\program files\solarwinds\ipmonitor\) instead of the previous installation’s location (when detected).

Previous Features and Fixes

ipMonitor previous versions included the following:

Version 10.8

  • Generic WMI Monitor
  • SNMPv3 Polling Support
  • Added ability to report on values from ADO Query Monitor
  • Ability to report on values returned by SQL Server, Exchange Server and Windows Monitors (Performance counters)
  • The ability to CC a notification alias/person and ability to pass all notification members to a single notification
  • Add support for Interface-MIB 64-bit counters
  • Fixed an issue with IPMonitor Service Crashes when Kerberos monitors are enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with reports not displaying selected time ranges in reports.
  • Fixed an issue with Zoom tool functionality when viewing Report time frames.
  • Fixed an issue with Bandwidth Monitor reports not refreshing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Downtime Simulator displaying as alert actions queued.
  • Fixed an issue with Tags not displaying in Details view.

Version 10.7, build 1643

  • Fixed an issue with PopUpXML for Subnet Groups providing incorrect XML data.
  • Fixed an issue with Recovery Alerts being sent when configured to not send alerts.
  • Fixed an issue with file size checks sending false alerts.
  • Fixed an issue with columns added via "My Settings" page not displaying titles.
  • Fixed an issue with adding Alerts via Devices page.
  • Fixed an issue with the Columns Count in the 'Edit My Settings' page.
  • Fixed an issue with maps not displaying on the dashboard page.
  • Fixed an issue with creating new WMI Monitor credentials.
  • Fixed an issue with devices not showing in Groups under all Managed Devices.
  • Fixed an issue with ipMonitor Report service going offline.
  • Fixed an issue with 'SQL Server' monitor not giving correct results.
  • Fixed an issue when a Adding 'ADO - User Experience (SQL Query) Wizard' monitor.
  • Fixed an issue with the Bandwidth Monitor Report not refreshing.

Version 10.5.1, build 1546

  • New Printer Monitor
  • Enhanced Bandwidth Monitor
  • Exchange 2010 support
  • Support for Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Added ability to monitor SSL expiration dates
  • Added "Firewall" as an option in the Device Type dropdown menu
  • Added ability to sort columns in reporting view

Version 10.5, build 1531

  • Fixed an issue with active maintenance schedules rescheduling incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with Bandwidth Monitor and Mac-Address octet sizes.
  • Fixed an issue with shared DriveSpace calculations using WMI on Windows 2008.
  • Fixed an issue with HTTPS and SSL incompatiability.
  • Fixed an issue with MAPI Monitor using Microsoft Outlook. *Requires CDO client.
  • Fixed an issue with the Kerberos Monitor stalling.
  • Fixed an issue with request id values of zero causing NetApp SAN SNMP error messages.
  • Fixed an issue with negative SNMP values not reporting correctly in Monitor status and Reports.8
  • Fixed an issue with parent device names being added in the monitor test logs.9
  • Fixed an issue with Discovery results caching old scans after the restart of ipMonitor service.10
  • Fixed an issue Bandwidth Monitor and MAC addresses with 3 octets.11
  • Fixed an issue with SNMP requests causing errors on NetApp SAN Filers.12

Version 10.0.1, build 1368, srv.exe 1371

  • Fixed an issue with the HTTPS Monitor causing the ipMonitorSrv service to halt.
  • Fixed an issue with the ipMonitorSrv service crashing when testing credentials against an invalid IP.
  • Fixed an issue with Express Discovery working via SNMP.
  • Fixed an issue with ipmext_wmi.exe functioning with Exchange\SQL Servers.
  • Fixed an issue with bandwidth monitors showing empty values/uninitialized.
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect encoding of SNMP requests.
  • Fixes an issue with Express Discovery not rescanning again after a failed device scan.

Version 10.0, build 1361

  • Fixed an issue with selecting the Add/Discovery dropdown menu after tag edits.
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong version number being displayed on the web interface.
  • Fixed an issue with the External Exchange monitor being unable to connect to the remote device.
  • Fixed an issue with using impersonation method on SQL Server and Exchange server monitors.
  • Ping Monitor is now listed in dependencies.
  • Fixed an issue with negative Drive Space numbers being reported for large drives and Microsoft Host Resources.
  • Fixed an issue with error code: 0x80070721 intermittently being reported by Monitors using WMI.
  • Fixed an issue with the SNMP Trap Monitor using Sub-String Variable Analysis.
  • Issue with special characters "<, >" and "&" not being preserved when mass editing Monitor names.
  • Added SQL Server monitor support for instance names.
  • Fixed an issue with the Alaska time zone being incorrectly reported.
  • Fixed issue with "Default SmartGroups" always appearing offline in the Map Web Resource and Device Tab Map view.
  • Fixed an issue with added new Devices being assigned to invalid parent device groups.
  • Device tags now work with SmartGroups.
  • Users can now Group Reports with Smart Group containing Devices.
  • Maintenance schedule now works on Devices within Groups.
  • Fixed an issue with Report cells being deleted when a single Monitor was deleted.
  • Dashboard view for "Devices with Down Monitors" now displays created groups.
  • Fixed a caching issue with incorrect Username & Passwords causing subsequent login failures.
  • Inserted an Add button for Devices in the Maintenance Schedule menu.
  • Fixed an issue with Network Scan using the first Credential specified for every scan.
  • Devices Grouped by Properties added an extra space to the "Device Vendor" property, causing duplicates.
  • The Scan for updates feature has been removed.
  • Fixed an issue when Cloning Devices crashed the ipMonitorSrv.
  • HTTPS Monitor requests would fail even if the Maximum Test Duration value was greater than 30 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue when querying Page Life Expectancy via SQL Server: Buffer Manager, Performance Monitor and Wbemtest both returning values greater than 2000.
  • Endless recursion loop on Device's SmartGroups would stop on SmartGroup.
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong OS version in "System Status Report" under Windows Server 2008 Enterprise being displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with negative SNMP values returned when monitoring Tranzeo radio devices.
  • Australia and New Zealand Daylight savings times now acknowledged in Maintenance Schedules and Reports.

Version 9.0.6, build 1284

  • The ipmsupport.exe now includes SmartGroups.
  • Fixed an issue with the Email Performance warning nullifying credentials.
  • Fixed a delayed polling issue in the SMTP relay settings.

Version 9.0.5, build 1276

  • Removed licensing limits on the number of monitors that can be added to a single ipMonitor installation.
  • Bandwidth monitor default threshold values increased; Last-Value Threshold Max Traffic (in + out) = 92160 Kb/s, Short-Term Threshold Max Traffic (in + out) = 71680 Kb/s.
  • The ipmonitorsrv service will now start after a trial has expired.
  • Fixed installer issue indicating the wrong ipMonitor version number.
  • Distributed Transaction Coordinator is no longer selected by default in SmartMonitor Settings
  • Drive Space Wizard now locates drives using RPC/WMI.

Version 9.0.4, build 1256, 12/11/2008

  • Fixed memory leak issue.
  • Fixed daylight savings rule for Australia and New Zealand.

Version 9.0.3, build 1246

  • Internal build to implement new licensing type.

Version 9.0.2, build 1245

  • Fixed Symantec Endpoint Protection compatibility issue.
  • Fixed Firefox 3 browser compatibility issue.

Version 9.0.1, build 1244

  • Monitors using WMI protocol monitoring, such as the Event Log, CPU Usage, and Memory Usage monitors, should no longer intermittently report error code 0x80070721.
  • Temperature monitors should no longer report an incorrect Last Result when the device is not available.
  • Improved the redraw speed of the tree list in the Devices tab to accommodate listings that include hundreds of nodes on a single branch.
  • During a device scan, recommended monitors now include previously deleted monitors.
  • Monitors created in the SNMP wizard are now correctly assigned to orphaned objects group.
  • The HTTPS monitor no longer disregards the HTTP Protocol Version setting.
  • You no longer have to click Apply before you can add dependencies to new groups.
  • "Hub/Router" types are now correctly displayed in the Type column of Device Detail resources.
  • Scan Network no longer includes the community string "public" in SNMP device scans unless "public" is explicitly specified as a community string.
  • Ipmext_wmi.exe is now correctly triggered on receipt of a 0x80070721 error code.
  • Invalid characters in a machine name or SNMP description no longer cause the network scan to crash or to not list found devices.
  • Monitors can now be suspended by users who do not have Write permissions.
  • Old network scan data retained from a previous version of ipMonitor no longer causes the network scan to create unknown devices.
  • You are now asked to activate your license after upgrading from an earlier version.
  • The network scan no longer creates duplicate devices after upgrading to ipMonitor 9.
  • Non-administrator accounts with all report permissions can now add Reports.
  • Fixed a crash in the discovery service that occurred after some network scans.
  • You can now move a child group into a parent even if the parent is a child of the root group.
  • You can now use Add a Device in the network scan if logged in as a user with full permissions.
  • The database conversion utility is now compatible with ipMonitor 9.
  • The discovery service no longer leaks memory.

Version 9.0, build 1236

  • Can import third-party SSL certificates.
  • Pasting incomplete XML into the import field now results in an error message.
  • Alerts must have an Alert Name before you can add an action to them.
  • Guest users may access Calendar, Settings, and Zoom features.
  • Mass Edit changes can now be applied to Monitors with numeric host name labels.
  • Mass Edit now includes "Last Min Threshold" as an option.
  • Service monitors no longer report paused services as "Up".
  • Drive Space monitors now correctly retain their custom threshold values after upgrading or being imported.
  • Fan monitors now display a status message upon failure.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error that prevented customers from zooming while viewing reports.
  • The Bandwidth monitor no longer fails after the Windows system is rebooted, load balancing changes the system configuration, or the NIC is disabled and then re-enabled.
  • Information alerts for the Directory monitor are now only sent when the threshold is exceeded.
  • The ADO User Experience monitor no longer includes the Add To Group field when the Database Type is set to Other.
  • Existing accounts are now selected in the pop-up window when adding accounts to access restrictions in a Configurable Report
  • Windows servers are now correctly displayed if ipMonitor is run under LocalSystem on Windows Vista.
  • Exchange Round-Trip monitors can now be created by normal users with Groups, Devices & Monitors access permissions.
  • In Configurable Reports, the "Group Icons By" drop down menu in the Resource Icon cells can now be saved with "Address" selected
  • In Configurable Reports, the "Separate each Group of Icon Resources" check box can now be selected.
  • Temperature and Fan monitors now correctly report "Remote Device Failed to Respond" during a timeout state.
  • The column headings for Availability and Coverage are now the correct width.
  • The start menu shortcut now uses the correct FQDN stored in the self-signed SSL certificate, and not the host name.
  • Importing valid Directory monitor XML no longer causes the Monitor to report "invalid configuration".
  • Normal user accounts with all permissions can now see the Generator names in the list of Report Generators.

Version 8.5, build 1163

  • Removes a security vulnerability in ipMonitor that could allow an attacker to use a specially-crafted URL to access any file on the ipMonitor install drive.
  • Fixes an issue with the Monitor filter creation process. You may now create valid Monitor filters without having to first use a Quick Filter.
  • Fixes an issue with Live Status page sound alerts not being triggered in Firefox 2.x. Clear your browser cache to activate the fix.
  • Improves the resiliency of WMI monitors encountering WMI Error 0x80070721. WMI monitors for devices that experience this error will be run outside the ipMonitor process for 400 seconds.

Version 8.5 build 1158

  • Corrected instability caused by a buffer overrun (one byte) in a rare Drive Space Monitor scenario.

Version 8.5 build 1157

  • ipMonitor's "Welcome" page will now be visible upon logging in to the software for the first time.
  • When SNMP Traps are converted to text format for alerting purposes, the hexadecimal representation caused by "tabs" will no longer occur.
  • Corrected a critical issue with the CPU Monitor and some versions of Cisco devices. This bug could occur intermittently and crash ipMonitor.
  • Corrected an issue with the Drive Space Monitor Wizard erroneously requiring values less than or equal to 100MB of free space.

Version 8.5 build 1155

  • Temperature Monitors are now detected by the Add Server and Network Scan Wizards for some Cisco routers.
  • Corrected a potential crash when using the Add Server or Network Scan Wizards with SNMP v2.
  • Corrected an issue with the SNMP Tree intermittently not opening or closing branches.
  • Corrected an issue that occurred when upgrading from v8.06 (Build 1130) that caused the Reporting Service not to update.
  • Corrected an issue preventing new JavaScript from being detected in favor of cached JavaScript from previous builds.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause intermittent disconnections over SSL.

Version 8.5 build 1152

  • The CPU, Drive Space, Memory and Service Monitors can now communicate with Windows operating systems using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).
  • The Add Server Wizard can now be accessed directly from within the Network Scan interface, making it possible to control the resource discovery process on multiple servers, workstations and devices.
  • Improvements to the Network Scan Wizard allow full control over the range of IP addresses that will be scanned.
  • The Network Scan Wizard now has the ability to exclude servers, workstations and devices from the list of resources that will be scanned in the future.
  • The improved Network Scan Wizard receives AJAX treatment, allowing it to display status information to all users in real-time.
  • A Credential can now be added to the Network Scan Wizard, allowing ipMonitor to authenticate with remote resources during the discovery process.
  • Monitors that display Transfer Rates or Bandwidth Utilization can now be configured to display inbound and outbound data in either kilobits per second or kilobytes per second.
  • Drag and drop capabilities have been added to high usage areas of the web interface, allowing actions such as quickly and easily resizing, reordering, and adding columns without requiring a page refresh.
  • Improved calendar feature now allows users to highlight individual dates using two side-by-side calendars for a fluid data range selection. Full control over the start and end day, hour, minute and second is supported.
  • The ability to automatically stop a Service has been added to ipMonitor's Maintenance Schedules. Credentials can be configured on a per-action basis.
  • Filtered Monitors can now be loaded into ipMonitor's NOC view, allowing users to isolate and display only specific Monitors in a NOC environment.
  • A Disk Report Publisher Credential can now be specified, allowing Reports to be saved to locations on remote machines that require authentication.
  • When Custom Tags are referenced in an Alert, formatting elements are now stripped out of the Alert's message body, allowing the Alert to be sent out in plain text without additional formatting symbols.
  • The locking method placed on the query statement issued to a Database Server or Data Source can now be specified when using the SQL: ADO – QA Monitor.
  • Live Report screens (such as the NOC View, Details View and various Admin Dashboard screens) can now be designated as custom Start Pages. Monitors, Groups and Filters can all be retained and automatically loaded to be displayed the next time a user logs in to ipMonitor.
  • ipMonitor is Vista ready. The Install, Uninstall, and Configuration Programs will correctly work with User Account Control (UAC). Services and internal executables are not affected by UAC.
  • ipMonitor is enabled to handle North American Time Zone changes. Both the Monitoring and the Reporting Services will correctly perform date manipulation and interpretation on all supported Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 2000.

Open Issues

The issues listed here are either not fixed or not implemented in this version. They may not be fully investigated, and may not even be related to ipMonitor.

  • Reports missing graphs when sent via email.
  • Sound alert not working in some instances.

Transition Notes for 8.5 Customers

If you have used previous version of ipMonitor, you may notice some of the following differences:

Alerts and Alert Profiles

In ipMonitor 8.5, Alert profiles were collections of alerts. We have not changed this relationship, but we have changed the terms used to describe them:

  • Alerts are now known as Actions.
  • Alert Profiles are now known as Alerts.

Monitor Filters

Monitor filters have been replaced by SmartGroups. A SmartGroup is a dynamic group whose contents are determined by parameters that you set. Unlike regular groups, whose contents never change, the contents of a SmartGroup automatically keep track of changes in your network.

Some examples of SmartGroups include:

  • a group of all your network devices located in Texas.
  • a group of all the offline monitors in your network.
  • a group of all the Cisco devices in your network.

You can still sort devices in the Devices Tab by Name, Address, Tag and Type.

To sort devices in the Devices Tab:

  1. Enter your search string in the text box above the Groups list
  2. Click Go.

Renaming Devices

To rename a device:

  1. Click the Devices tab
  2. Select the check box next to the device you want rename
  3. From the Edit menu, click Properties. The properties page for that device appears.
  4. Enter a new name in the Device Name box.


If you need to uninstall ipMonitor, use the Change option on ipMonitor that is available in Add/Remove programs.

If you are uninstalling a licensed version of ipMonitor, you can park your license yourself by downloading the SolarWinds License Manager from the Start> All Programs> SolarWinds ipMonitor menu. The SolarWinds License Manager is an easily installed, free utility that gives you the ability to migrate licenses from one computer to another without contacting SolarWinds Customer Service.

Warning! Do not manually delete your licensed ipMonitor installation or reformat the ipMonitor host computer hard drive without properly parking your ipMonitor license. Using improper procedures to uninstall ipMonitor results in the permanent destruction of your licensing key.



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