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Test Failed error when testing an SMS Alert in ipMonitor

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When testing the settings of an SMS alert, I receive a "Test Failed" error. (See attached file).



1. Try communicating with the modem using HyperTerminal (hypertrm.exe).


2. When prompted with “Connect Using”, make sure to select “Com 13”.


3. When prompted for port settings, set the following fields to the same values specified within ipMonitor:

Bits per second: 9600

Data Bits: 8

Parity: None

Assuming it connects, run the following commands:




 ***With 1234567890 being the actual phone number of the cell phone.  You must include the double quotes.

4. You should see a “>”, which means it is waiting for text.

5. Type “Hello world” and press Enter.

6. Press Ctrl-Z to terminate the session.

7. Next, verify if the message is received.

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15:22, 13 Nov 2015