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ipMonitor cannot locate resources using WMI

Updated September 25, 2018


When you open the ipMonitor Web Console, you cannot locate any resources on a system using WMI.


  • ipMonitor 9




Verify connectivity and authentication.

  1. Gather the account information used by ipMonitor. This includes the Microsoft Windows account used by the ipMonitor service and the Windows credential assigned to the wizard or monitor you are using.
    1. Log in to the ipMonitor Web Console.
    2. Run the ipMonitor Configuration Utility.
      Open a Run box and execute:
    3. Click Service Settings.
    4. Record the account assigned to the service.
  2. Replicate the monitor's environment before you test the WMI connectivity. 
    1. Log on to the IpMonitor system using a Windows account assigned to the ipMonitorSrv service (see step 1d).
      If this account is LocalSystem, log in as the system's local administrator.
    2. Open a command prompt window and execute:
      Runas /user:[Domain\Account] wbemtest.exe
      where Domain\Account is the account information provided to the Credential being used by the wizard or monitor.
    3. When prompted, enter a password.
  3. Start the WMI Tester in the same environment as ipMonitor.
  4. Run a query.
    1. Click Connect.
    2. In the top text field, enter:
      where remote_sys is the system you are attempting to scan.
    3. Click Connect.
    4. Click Enum Classes.
    5. In the Superclass Info dialog box, select Recursive and click OK.
      A list of WMI classes display for the remote system.

If no errors occur, ipMonitor queries the system.

If any errors occur, see Verifying WMI settings on the system being monitored for troubleshooting details.


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