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Upgrade ipMonitor v6 to ipMonitor v9

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Created by Interspire Import, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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In order to upgrade from ipMonitor 6 to 9, you will need to perform the following:

1. Convert ipMonitor 6 configurations into ipMonitor 7 using the ipMonitor 6 to 7 Migration Utility

2. Perform an in-place upgrade from ipMonitor 7 to 9.

Before starting this procedure, please make sure that you have acquired the following software programs.

ipMonitor 7
ipMonitor 6 to 7 Migration Utility
ipMonitor 9

After the above software programs have been acquired, complete the migration using the following instructions.

1. On the server where ipMonitor 9 should be installed, run the ipMonitor 7 installation bundle. Note that this server can be the same server used for ipMonitor 6.

2. License ipMonitor 7 using an available license. The following tutorial explains how to license ipMonitor 7/8/9.

3. Extract the ipMonitor 6 to 7 Migration utility from the saved ZIP file and run it on the ipMonitor 7 server. Note that you will require access to the "ipMonitor" directory used for ipMonitor 6 from the ipMonitor 7 server.

4. Complete the ipMonitor 6 to 7 Migration wizard, manually selecting all Groups, Monitors, Alert Profiles and User Accounts. Note that all items in each of these four sections should be selected in order for the migration to be synchronized.

5. After the migration is complete, log in to the ipMonitor 7 Web - Administration interface to verify that ipMonitor objects have been migrated successfully from ipMonitor 6.

6. Run the ipMonitor 9 installation bundle on the ipMonitor 7 server.

7. Ensure that ipMonitor 9 is re-licensed after the upgrade is complete by using the same activation tutorial.

8. Log in to the ipMonitor 9 Web interface to verify that all ipMonitor objects have been migrated successfully. Note: Some components, such as "Credentials" may need to be re-created since ipMonitor 7 has added new Credential features.

9. Remove the "Global Behavior Modifier" for ipMonitor 7 Legacy Reporting through the following process, if it exists.

a. Log in to the ipMonitor 9 Web interface, click on "Configuration" and then "Server Settings".
b. Click "Global Behavior Modifier"
c. Click on the "x" button next to the "historic.reporting.enable" variable.
d. Click "OK" to save the change
e. Restart ipMonitorSrv and ipMonitorRpt services from the Services Applet.

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