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Unable to use NotePager Pro with built-in SMS Actions

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Created by Interspire Import, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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In certain scenarios it is sometimes not possible for ipMonitor to talk directly to the modem. This often occurs with modems that don't support the full AT command set used by ipMonitor. In these situations, using the External Process Action with a 3rd party modem application must be used instead of the built-in SMS based actions. One application commonly used by SolarWinds clients is NotePager Pro which is available from NotePage at Once NotePager Pro is downloaded and installed onto the ipMonitor system, here's what you need to do:

1. Within Notepager Pro

a. Configure a carrier by clicking "Carriers -> Add".
b. Configure a recipient by clicking "Recipients -> Add".

2. Within ipMonitor,

a. Go to "Configuration -> Alert List"
b. Click the Alert you wish to add the Action to.
c. Click "Add Action -> External Process".
d. Configure it as follows:

Executable name: npp.exe
Directory: c:\program files\notepager pro\
Startup Directory: c:\program files\notepager pro\
Send Failure Message: checked
Failure command line: [Recipient] [Sender] [Message]

*** where [Recipient] is the name of the recipient created via the NotePager pro GUI
*** where [Sender] is the From name you would like to have appear (i.e. "ipMonitor")
*** where [Message] is the actual message. You can use ipMonitor tokens here.

Example: John ipMonitor "Monitor: %monitorname% is in a %monitorstate% state. Last Result: %monitorstatus%."

N.B.  If NotePager Pro is running as a Trial, you may need to add the '/minimized' switch at the beginning of the Command Line Parameters in order to ignore the Trial splash screen.

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