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Move and upgrade ipMonitor to a new system


This article describes how to upgrade and move or migrate from your ipMonitor to a new system. This example provides steps for upgrading ipMonitor version 8 to version 9.


ipMonitor 8


Upgrade ipMonitor

On the ipMonitor 8 system:

  1. Stop the ipMonitorSrv service.
  2. Copy the ipMonitor 8 installation directory to the new system. This is located in C:\\program files\ipMonitor8\ by default.
  3. Start the ipMonitorSrv service.

On the new system:

  1. Delete the -\ipMonitor8\config\cred\credentials.db file.
  2. Download the full version of ipMonitor 9 from the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  3. Overwrite the old version copied from the old system with the new downloaded version.

The new version will run as a trial for 21 days with 1000 monitors.

Migrate your credentials

  1. Log in to the ipMonitor 8 web interface.
  2. Click Automation > Maintenance Schedules > Recurring Internal Maintenance.
  3. Verify that Archive ipMonitor Configuration is selected and that a credential is specified in the Backup Credential field.
  4. Click Backup Now.
  5. Copy the backup file to the ipMonitor 9 system and run the -\ipMonitor8\ipm9restore.exe file.
  6. Point it to the backup file and enter the password for the backup credential.

Move your license

  1. Run the ipMonitor 8 Configuration Utility (ipMonitor8\ipm8config.exe) on the old system. 
  2. Click Software Licensing, click Park License, and then complete the wizard.
  3. Run the ipMonitor 9 Configuration Utility (ipMonitor8\ipm9config.exe) on the new system.
  4. Click Software Licensing, click Click here to license, and then complete the wizard.


You can now uninstall the ipMonitor 8 installation.

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