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Mass Edit feature in ipMonitor

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When ipMonitor installations range into hundreds or thousands of monitors, manually changing common configuration settings can be time-consuming. Using the Mass Edit feature, you can quickly apply large-scale changes to configuration fields across any number of monitors using a rule-based system.


All ipMonitor versions


The Mass Edit feature for Monitor Configuration Settings supports:

  • Using drag-and-drop technology to create monitor filters and to change rules
  • Filtering the Monitor List to isolate and edit only specific monitors
  • Setting any configuration field to a specific value
  • Replacing text in a configuration field
  • Replacing numerical values in a configuration field
  • Using Regular Expressions (pattern matching) to search and replace
  • Appending numerical or textual strings to any existing value
  • Previewing changes before applying them
  • Cancelling unwanted changes before they can affect your installation

Using the Mass Edit feature, you can:

  • Add a prefix string, such as an IP address or machine name to monitor names
  • Change the timing parameters of all monitors, or only of monitors in a filtered subset
  • Quickly update the configuration settings of monitors created using the Network Scan
  • Enable or disable monitors
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