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Import MIB files into the ipMonitor MIB database

Created by Chris Foley, last modified by Karen Valdellon_ret on Apr 27, 2017

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This article explains how to add or import MIBs to your ipMonitor MIB database. With the addition of the Custom Database Builder feature to the ipMonitor Support Portal, administrators can now create their own custom MIB combinations, and then add the new database to their ipMonitor installation. When the custom database has been added, administrators can use the SNMP tools available in ipMonitor to configure one of the SNMP monitors and begin monitoring a specific SNMP-enabled device or application.

Note: Although compiling a custom SNMP database for your ipMonitor installation is useful for browsing and identifying SNMP entries, ipMonitor's SNMP monitors (SNMP, SNMP QA, and SNMP Trap) do not require MIB files to be compiled within the program. With correctly defined parameters, most notably the OID, SNMP monitoring will function correctly without a customized SNMP database.


  • All ipMonitor versions
  • All Windows versions


Build your customized MIB database for ipMonitor

  1. Log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  2. Go to Helpful Links > ipMonitor MIB Builder.
  3. Select the MIBs you need to add to your MIB database.
  4. Enter your email address and click Email MIB Database. After a few minutes, your MIB database will be compiled, and a download link will be sent to your email.
  5. If you see a login prompt, re-login to the SolarWinds Customer Portal on another tab, and then retry the link.


  • Individual vendors can be located below the Enterprises branch of the MIB tree.
  • The ipMonitorBase folder contains the default selection of MIBs shipped with ipMonitor.
  • The ipMonitorExtended folder contains the extended MIB database available in the Downloads section of the Support Portal.
  • SolarWinds does not recommend selecting the root option when selecting your MIBs for compilation. This adds available MIBs to your personalized database. After adding the entire collection, ipMonitor will consume additional memory, and the SNMP tree will become large and less efficient to navigate.

If you cannot find the MIB you need in the MIB Builder tool, submit a support ticket to have them added to the tool. MIBs are compiled and added to the MIB Builder tool on a regular basis. However, you will still need to use the steps above to compile your MIB database after the MIBs are added.

Request an MIB addition to the MIB Builder

  1. Log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  2. Determine if the MIBs you want to add are available on the online ipMonitor MIB compiler.
  3. If the MIBs are not available, open a new support case.
  4. Attach the following files:
    • A zip file of the MIBs you want to add to your ipMonitor MIB database
    • The ReadMe file included with the last MIB database compilation you received from SolarWinds (if any)


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