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Credentials are orphaned when you restart the ipMonitor service

Updated September 20, 2018


When you restart the ipMonitor service, the application orphans the credentials. 


  • ipMonitor 9




  1. Stop the ipMonitorSrv service from the Services Applet.
  2. Log in to the ipMonitor server.
  3. Navigate to:
  4. Delete the following file:
  5. Open the ipMonitor Configuration utility, but do not start the service.
  6. Click Service Settings and select LocalSystem.
  7. Save your changes but do not start the service.
  8. Open a command prompt window.
  9. Execute:
    ipm9config -firstrun
  10. Complete the First Run Wizard by clicking Next in each window.
  11. After you complete the wizard, open the ipMonitor Configuration Utility.
  12. Click Service Settings and select This Account if the service should run under a specific account.
  13. Click Save, and then click Yes to add any required permissions.
  14. Start the ipMonitorSrv service.
  15. Log in to the ipMonitor Web Interface.
  16. Click the Configuration tab and select Credentials list.
  17. Verify that the warning message above the Credential list is absent.
  18. Click Credential Name.
  19. Perform the following steps to re-initialize each credential.
    1. Click Re-initialize.
    2. Under Sensitive Data, click Enable for the Account and enter the account.
      Be sure to use the format DOMAIN\username if a domain account is impersonated.
    3. In the Password field, click Enable.
    4. Enter and verify the password, and then click OK.
    5. Repeat step a through step 2 for each remaining credential.
  20. Restart the ipMonitorSrv service to verify that the credentials database access is retained.
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