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Dual site codes

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When the ipMonitor Web Interface says "Trial expired" and the Software Licensing section of the ipMonitor Configuration utility says the installation is licensed, you likely have a dual site code issue. In order to confirm this, compare the Site Codes between the 2 dialogues. If they are different, you need to perform the following:

1. Get the client to stop the ipMonitorSrv service and email you 3 things:

-Screenshot of "Trial expired" page.
-Screenshot of Software Licensing section of ipMonitor configuration program.
-The file \ipMonitor\ipmonitor9.lf

Note: Ensure that the ipMonitorSrv service remains stopped while you work on this.

2. Open a cmd prompt.
3. Go to the \SWKey\PLUS\ directory.
4. Type "v9swkeydecode.exe [SiteCode]"

Run this twice. Once for the site code within the "Software Licensing" screenshot and another time for the Site Code within "Trial Expired" screenshot.

This will provide you with 2 different computer IDs.

4. Run \SWKey\PLUS\lfedit.exe.
5. Click "File -> Open"
6. Set the product definition to "ipMonitor 9".
7. Browse to the lf file provided by the client and click "open".
8. Go to the "Authorized Computers" tab
9. Ensure that the existing computer ID matches one of the computer IDs gathered and add the other.
10. Save the file and resend it to the client.
11. Get client to save the file in root of ipMonitor installation directory, replacing the existing lf file and then start the ipMonitorSrv service.

See if the client can login now.

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19:15, 11 Oct 2015