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Convert ipMonitor scripts to Orion APM

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Any script used in ipMonitor is not directly compatible with APM, since APM is more powerful and flexible. ipMonitor scripts would need to be modified for use with APM, as described below.

With ipMonitor scripts:

  • Third party monitor expects a specific exit code to be returned by an exit code or environment variable.
  • You indicate what the expected value should be, and pass/fail is based on that value.

With APM scripts:

  • The script returns 0 (for up), 1 (for down), 2 (for warning), or 3 (for critical).
  • APM can track a statistic as returned by the script. Send the following through standard out: “Statistic: #<CRLF>” to allow APM to track the value over time. This is a required field (if no statistic, return 0).
  • APM can include a textual message to send back to the UI or alerts. Send the following through standard out: “Message: Your message goes here<CRLF>” to allow APM to track an error or information message. This is not a required field.


For more details (on how we also do Linux/Unix scripting) see the section “Creating a Linux/Unix Script Monitor” in the SolarWinds Orion APM Administrator Guide.

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