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Web Performance Monitor Training

Updated June 27th, 2017


Introduction to the Orion Platform

The SolarWinds Orion Platform hosts a suite of SolarWinds products, including NPM, SAM, SRM, NTA, and more. Orion 101 offers a product-neutral introduction to the Orion Core. We’ll cover web interface familiarization, discovering devices and applications, creating maps and custom views, and account management. 


Upcoming Dates: Aug 28th, Sep 12th, Sep 25th

Register for these upcoming dates in the Customer Portal.

Configuring the Orion Platform

SolarWinds Orion Platform 102 dives into advanced alerting and reporting with a product-neutral look at the tools and features available, including new web-based reports. We build custom alerts, look at object dependencies and custom properties, then create reports and integrate those reports into custom views. 


Upcoming Dates: Aug 29th, Sep 13th, Sep 26th

Register for these upcoming dates in the Customer Portal.


SolarWinds Academy - Foundations Series - Video

These short videos will show you how to utilize key features of Web Performance Monitor.


  1. Recording a Transaction (3:33)
  2. Welcome to the new Orion Platform UI (2:44)
  3. Customizing the Web Console (7 videos)

    1. Navigating the Web Console (2:35)

    2. Creating a new view (5:41)

    3. Adding and Customizing Resources (5:44)

    4. Adding Maps to a View (2:08)

    5. Creating a NOC View  (4:21)

    6. Adding View limitations (4:10)

    7. Creating and Modifying Menu Bars (2:57)

  4. Managing Web Console User Accounts (2 videos)

    1. Adding a new user account (2:28)

    2. Account Permissions and Limitations (7:44)

  5. Configuring Alerts (6 videos)

    1. Managing Existing Alerts (5:35)

    2. Adding a New Alert  (3:28)

    3. Understanding Trigger Condition Logic (9:16)

    4. Configuring Advanced Alert Options (4:52)

    5. Understanding Reset Condition Logic  (3:00)

    6. Alert Schedules  (3:05)

  6. AppStack (2 videos)

    1. Introduction to AppStack (4:00)

    2. Set up, use and customize Appstack (5:07)

  7. Troubleshooting & Support - Active Diagnostics (3:19)




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