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This webinar will focus on use cases for HR, Facilities and Accounting.

Having a unified ticketing and asset management system for all the departments in your company can provide end-users with a seamless experience and make things easier for your IT team. Yet, with different business tasks and objectives, many departments don’t fully understand the capabilities of Web Help Desk and how the software can be customized for effective use in their departments.
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WPM player location alert variables

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Average Load Percentage (Last 30 minutes) ${N=SwisEntity;M=AvgLoadPercentageLast30min}
Average Load Percentage (Last 60 minutes) ${N=SwisEntity;M=AvgLoadPercentageLast60min}
Connect Status ${N=SwisEntity;M=ConnectionStatus}
Connection Status Message ${N=SwisEntity;M=ConnectionStatusMessage}
Description ${N=SwisEntity;M=Description}
Description (Agent Connection Status) ${N=SwisEntity;M=ConnectionStatusInfo.Description}
DNS Name ${N=SwisEntity;M=DNSName}
Hostname ${N=SwisEntity;M=Hostname}
In Cloud ${N=SwisEntity;M=InCloud}
IP Address ${N=SwisEntity;M=IP}
Is Player Initiated Communication ${N=SwisEntity;M=IsActiveAgent}
Load Percentage ${N=SwisEntity;M=LoadPercentage}
Name ${N=SwisEntity;M=Name}
Number of Managed Transactions ${N=SwisEntity;M=NumManagedTransactions}
Number of Transactions ${N=SwisEntity;M=NumAllTransactions}
OS Version ${N=SwisEntity;M=OSVersion}
Password ${N=SwisEntity;M=Password}
Player Location ID ${N=SwisEntity;M=AgentId}
Player Version ${N=SwisEntity;M=AgentVersion}
Port ${N=SwisEntity;M=Port}
Proxy Password ${N=SwisEntity;M=ProxyPassword}
Proxy URL ${N=SwisEntity;M=ProxyUrl}
Proxy Username ${N=SwisEntity;M=ProxyUserName}
RDP Enabled ${N=SwisEntity;M=RDPEnabled
Short Description (Agent Connection Status) ${N=SwisEntity;M=ConnectionStatusInfo.ShortDescription}
Status ${N=SwisEntity;M=Status}
Status Description ${N=SwisEntity;M=StatusDescription}
Status ID (Agent Connection Status) ${N=SwisEntity;M=ConnectionStatusInfo.StatusId}
Unmanage From ${N=SwisEntity;M=UnManageFrom}
Unmanage To ${N=SwisEntity;M=UnManageUntil}
Unmanaged ${N=SwisEntity;M=Unmanaged}
Url ${N=SwisEntity;M=Url}
Uses Proxy ${N=SwisEntity;M=UseProxy}
Use Proxy Authenticity ${N=SwisEntity;M=UseProxyAuthentication}

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