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WPM player location alert variables

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Average Load Percentage (Last 30 minutes) ${N=SwisEntity;M=AvgLoadPercentageLast30min}
Average Load Percentage (Last 60 minutes) ${N=SwisEntity;M=AvgLoadPercentageLast60min}
Connect Status ${N=SwisEntity;M=ConnectionStatus}
Connection Status Message ${N=SwisEntity;M=ConnectionStatusMessage}
Description ${N=SwisEntity;M=Description}
Description (Agent Connection Status) ${N=SwisEntity;M=ConnectionStatusInfo.Description}
DNS Name ${N=SwisEntity;M=DNSName}
Hostname ${N=SwisEntity;M=Hostname}
In Cloud ${N=SwisEntity;M=InCloud}
IP Address ${N=SwisEntity;M=IP}
Is Player Initiated Communication ${N=SwisEntity;M=IsActiveAgent}
Load Percentage ${N=SwisEntity;M=LoadPercentage}
Name ${N=SwisEntity;M=Name}
Number of Managed Transactions ${N=SwisEntity;M=NumManagedTransactions}
Number of Transactions ${N=SwisEntity;M=NumAllTransactions}
OS Version ${N=SwisEntity;M=OSVersion}
Password ${N=SwisEntity;M=Password}
Player Location ID ${N=SwisEntity;M=AgentId}
Player Version ${N=SwisEntity;M=AgentVersion}
Port ${N=SwisEntity;M=Port}
Proxy Password ${N=SwisEntity;M=ProxyPassword}
Proxy URL ${N=SwisEntity;M=ProxyUrl}
Proxy Username ${N=SwisEntity;M=ProxyUserName}
RDP Enabled ${N=SwisEntity;M=RDPEnabled
Short Description (Agent Connection Status) ${N=SwisEntity;M=ConnectionStatusInfo.ShortDescription}
Status ${N=SwisEntity;M=Status}
Status Description ${N=SwisEntity;M=StatusDescription}
Status ID (Agent Connection Status) ${N=SwisEntity;M=ConnectionStatusInfo.StatusId}
Unmanage From ${N=SwisEntity;M=UnManageFrom}
Unmanage To ${N=SwisEntity;M=UnManageUntil}
Unmanaged ${N=SwisEntity;M=Unmanaged}
Url ${N=SwisEntity;M=Url}
Uses Proxy ${N=SwisEntity;M=UseProxy}
Use Proxy Authenticity ${N=SwisEntity;M=UseProxyAuthentication}

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