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Top XX Locations by Duration

The Top XX Locations by Duration chart is located on both the Transaction Details and Step Details page. This chart will display the duration of a transaction or step as it is played from multiple locations. With this view, you can easily see which locations are performing poorly for a given transaction or step. The worst, or slowest performing locations, are shown from the top down.

This chart is interactive. Move the mouse over the main chart to reveal a tool tip with more detailed information for a time slice within the period.

A list of the transactions appears below the chart, showing the current and average duration of each transaction. (The average is calculated using the selected amount of historical data loaded.) Click any transaction to display its Transaction Details view.


Use the Zoom buttons to display data for 1 hour, 12 week, or 24 hours, or use the slider handles below the chart to create your own period. You can move the selected period to any point in the available data range using the slider bar.

Available customization

Click Edit to change the following resource attributes:


Edit the title and subtitle for this resource if required.

Maximum Number of Items to Display

Enter the maximum number of locations to be displayed.

Time Period

Here you can select the default period of data displayed, the amount of historical data available and the sample interval. If the sample interval is greater than the playback interval, the data within the sample will be summarized.


Here you can change the chart title and subtitle from the defaults of $(Caption) and $(ZoomRange).

Last modified
15:11, 18 Jul 2016