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Player Load Percentage

The Player Load Percentage Chart shows the load percentage of an individual player at any given time.

If you notice the load percentage is high, you should consider increasing the time intervals between polls and/or adding more players to a given location. Adding more players will help reduce the load by distributing the load more evenly.

This chart is interactive. Hovering over any part of the chart will provide detailed information about the load percentage.


You can display data for 1 hour, 12 week, or 24 hours, or use the sliders below the chart to select your own period. You can also move the selected period to any point in the available data range.

Available customization

Click Edit to change the following resource attributes:

Title and Subtitle

Rename the title and subtitle of this resource as required.

Calculated Series

Check the checkbox to show a trend line on the chart showing the overall trend of the load percentage.

Time Period

Here you can select the default period of data displayed, the amount of historical data available and the sample interval. If the sample interval is greater than the playback interval, the data within the sample will be summarized.


Here you can change the chart title and subtitle from the defaults of $(Caption) and $(ZoomRange).

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15:11, 18 Jul 2016