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Location Details

Table of contents

The Location Details resource presents a table of general operational and administrative information for the selected location.

Management Click Edit to go to the Transaction Location page where you can set up and manage location players.

For further information, see Managing playback locations

Status Displays a green check icon if the location is running within the operating thresholds, or critical, warning, or down icons if not.
Location Name The location name.
Communication type Shows whether this is "Server initiated communication (passive)" or "Player initiated communication".
DNS name The DNS name of this location.
Hostname The hostname of this location.
IP address The IP address of this location.
Assigned to poller The name of the poller assigned to this player location.
Version The version of the player at this location.
Current player load The current percentage load for this player.
Transactions The transactions assigned to this player. For each, the status icon, transaction name, most recent step duration and status is displayed.

Available customization

Click Edit to change the following resource attributes:

Title/Subtitle: The title and the subtitle of the resource.

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15:11, 18 Jul 2016