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Home > Success Center > Web Performance Monitor (WPM) > Web Performance Monitor Administrator Guide > Transactions > Transactions and dependencies > Creating dependencies when adding a transaction

Creating dependencies when adding a transaction

You can create dependencies between transactions and nodes or applications when setting up transactions.

  1. Create a transaction, as described in Creating Transactions.
  2. When you reach the Transaction status troubleshooting option, select Improve troubleshooting by associating nodes or applications to this web transaction.
  3. Click Add nodes.
  4. Select the node or nodes you want to associate with this transaction, and click Save.
  5. Click Add applications.
  6. Select the application or applications you want to associate with this transaction, and click Save.
  7. If you want to add nodes and applications to individual steps in this transaction, click Set individual dependencies for steps.
  8. Click Save Monitor.
  9. The Manage Transaction Monitors page is displayed, showing the related nodes and related applications.

Editing transaction and transaction step dependencies

Transaction and Transaction Step Dependencies created this way are shown on the Manage Dependencies page. By default they are created with "Transaction dependency" and "Transaction Step dependency" as the Dependency Name, and with the node or application as the Parent and the transaction or transaction step as Child.

These dependencies can then be managed or edited in the same way as other dependencies as described in Managing Dependencies in the NPM Administrator Guide.


Last modified
15:11, 18 Jul 2016