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Home > Success Center > Web Performance Monitor (WPM) > Web Performance Monitor Administrator Guide > Transactions > Creating transactions > Managing locations

Managing locations

The Manage Transaction Locations page lets you add, edit, and delete playback locations.

Opening the Managing Playback Locations Page:

  1. Log in to the Web Console.
  2. Click the Web tab.
  3. Click Web Settings.
  4. Click Manage Player Locations.
  5. File:Success_Center/New_Articles/WPM-MT/050/010/020/03000030.png

  6. Hover over a Location Name to see the Location tool tip, or click the location to see the Location Details view.

Failover and the WPM Player

On failover, the WPM Player continues to point to the primary Orion server, and communication fails. When this occurs, you must switch back to the primary computer to regain player function.

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15:11, 18 Jul 2016