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Managing recordings

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In the Web Console, the only change you can make to a recording is to change its name. However, the WPM Recorder enables you to make additional changes.

While you cannot add new browser actions, you can delete existing actions, change the text input of text field actions, and edit or insert new Match Content actions as required.

You must either save or export the recording to retain your changes.

If the recording you want to edit is on the WPM server, you must first load it into the Recorder.

Loading a Recording from the WPM Server:

  1. Click Open File:Success_Center/New_Articles/WPM-MT/040/010/070/0300001F_13x13.png.
  2. Select the recording, and then click Open.

Deleting an Action:

  1. Select the action.
  2. Press the Delete key.

Changing the Text in Text Field Actions:

  1. Double-click the text field action in the Time Line pane.
  2. Enter the corrected text in the text box, and then click OK.

Changing the Text in Match Content Actions:

  1. Double-click the Match Content action in the Time Line pane.
  2. Enter the corrected text in the Enter text to match box, and then click OK.

Changing the Name of a Step or Insert a Step Below a Step:

  • Right-click on a step in the timeline and make your selection from the popup menu.

Adding wait time to steps creates an artificial pause in the recording. To add wait time to a step:

  1. Click Add Wait Time File:Success_Center/New_Articles/WPM-MT/040/010/070/03000021_18x18.png.
  2. Edit the time as needed, and click OK.


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