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Troubleshooting XY capture mode

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Following is a checklist that can help you diagnose common problems:

  • If you are using proxy with authentication, ensure the credentials to the proxy are properly captured in the recording and/or the player is configured to use Active Directory accounts.
  • Try adding steps to the recording to better identify the action on which the playback failed. By doing this, you will be breaking down the transaction to multiple steps. Now you can go step by step and examine the screenshots to see which action was not performed properly.
  • Run the transaction in the recorder and ensure that all necessary items were loaded during playback. The object to be clicked on must be in place and active before the click action is executed.
  • If page content is slow to load, try to insert a Wait action before the XY action. This will allow the content to load completely before executing the XY action.
  • Try to re-record the recording on the same machine where the player is installed.
  • If the playback is failing on the Image Match action, try the following:
  • Examine the screenshot page to see if the image is present on the page.
  • Ensure that the same version of Internet Explorer is used during both recording and playback.
  • Image Matching may be affected by font smoothing settings. You should not use Image Matching on plain text. For text matches, use the Match Content action.

    Image Matching on animated objects is not supported.

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