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Install WPM on the Orion server

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Updated: September 18, 2018

You can use the SolarWinds Orion Installer to set up the primary WPM application on the Orion server, or upgrade from an earlier version. When installing new products into an existing Orion environment, the Orion Installer verifies compatibility between the product versions and notifies you if additional steps are needed.

For hardware, software, and port requirements for the main Orion server and the Orion database server, see Orion Platform Requirements. See also Configure SSL for the Orion Web Console, enable FIPS, and directories to be excluded from antivirus protection.

You may see the main Orion server referenced as the "WPM server" in the WPM user interface (UI) and system messages. The terms are synonymous.

After installing WPM, you can install a recorder and player on other computers to simulate user experiences with your web applications from remote locations. For example, you can deploy a player to a computer located in Europe that access a website hosted in the U.S.

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