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Upgrade APEs and AWS

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Updated: September 18, 2018

If deploying WPM 2.2.1 or later into an existing SolarWinds environment that uses Additional Polling Engines (APEs) or Additional Web Servers (AWS), you can use the SolarWinds Orion Installer to upgrade scalability engines, including APEs, AWS, and High Availability backup servers.

If running an earlier version of the Orion Platform, you can install or upgrade scalability engines with either of the following:

  • The Orion Scalability Engine Installer (recommended and available in the Orion Web Console) consumes approximately 6 MB.
  • The Orion Systems Management Bundle installer consumes about 1.64 GB.

Both options are available in the SolarWinds Customer Portal. See Orion product installers for main poller, additional polling engine, additional web servers, and HA for details.

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