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Client certificates in WPM recordings

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Updated: September 18, 2018

A secure web server can be configured to refuse clients that do not have a proper client certificate from a trusted certification authority (CA). In such cases, the server asks the client to send its certificate before performing any requests.

If the client certificate is signed by a trusted CA, the server does not care what the client is. If the Web server requests a client certificate, it is necessary to export the client certificate from the Web browser and place it in the Silk Performer certificate store to be used for recording and replay.

Here is an overview about how WPM handles client certificates:

  1. A transaction is recorded. If a page requests a client certificate, the recorder displays a dialog displaying certificate selection.
  2. The user selects a certificate and the name, issuer, and other identification data is saved into the recording. The certificate itself is not stored.
  3. When the recording is played back, WPM handles the certificate request when a page requests it; the player searches for an existing certificate that matches the information stored in the recording.
  4. The client certificate must already be present and available on the player machine.

  5. If a matching certificate is found, WPM sends it to the page. If a matching certificate is not found, the request is canceled and the page usually returns an Access Denied response.

To learn more, visit the SolarWinds online IT community, THWACK, and read Web Performance Monitor - Client Certificate Authentication.

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