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About the WPM recorder

Updated: September 18, 2018

You can use the WPM Recorder to simulate the steps that a typical end user/customer would perform on a website or web application that you want to monitor.

To access the WPM Recorder:

  1. Click Start > WPM Recorder.
  2. Respond to the prompt about lowering security settings to run the recorder. (See Before you begin.)
  3. Enter a User name and Password.
  4. Enter the IP or hostname for the Orion server.

When the Web Transaction Recorder window opens, notice that it is split into two panes:

  • The left pane records your browser actions.
  • The right pane shows what actions were recorded. You can use this pane to edit actions while you are recording.

When a recording is being captured, a red box surrounds what is being recorded.

  Check out this video on recording a transaction.

Before you begin

  • The recorder uses Internet Explorer settings including web proxy. The recorder's web browser uses the settings and security level of the Internet Explorer browser of the computer it is installed on.
  • If your web site requires the browser to accept cookies, or if you need to connect to the Internet through a web proxy, these are settings you must make in Internet Explorer.
  • If the security level of the browser is too high, the recorder will ask for permission to lower the security settings to the recommended level.
  • Disable browser integration for Adobe Acrobat Reader if it is installed. If it is installed, the recorder will prompt you to disable the browser integration type.
  • WPM does not record the contents of XML pages.

Recorder options

Depending on which action is enabled, you will see different options available in the recorder menu.

This is how the menu appears during a recording:

  1. Record
  2. Stop
  3. Add Wait Time
  4. X,Y Capture Mode
  5. Start Conditional Block
  6. Text verification
  7. Image verification
  8. Image verification with click sequence

This is how the menu appears when recording is stopped:

  1. Record
  2. Play Recorded Sequence
  3. Play Step-By-Step
  4. Insert Wait Time
  5. Insert text verification
  6. Insert image verification

See these topics for more information:

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