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WPM glossary

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Updated: September 18, 2018

Here is a list of fundamental terms used in WPM with which you should be familiar:

Action An action is a single event within a recording. An action can be, but is not limited to, text input into a field, a mouse click, or a file download.
Managed transaction A transaction that is assigned to a location and actively reporting statistics to the Orion Web Console. Managed transactions count against your license.
Orion server

The primary server used by the Orion Web Console and Orion Platform products.

You may also see the Orion server referred to as the WPM server.

Orion Web Console The web interface where you interact with Orion Platform products. In addition to displaying WPM data and reviewing events, you can use the Orion Web Console to deploy WPM players, schedule WPM transactions to play at specific intervals, or configure thresholds for WPM alerts.
Recording A recording is a series of navigational steps that are recorded. Once assigned to a transaction location for playback, a recording becomes a transaction. A recording does not count against your license.
SEUM-User account

When the WPM Player plays back transactions, it uses various WPM worker processes to perform transaction steps and collect data during playback. Each worker process requires its own SEUM-User account because different processes handle different transaction steps at different times. See Manage SEUM-User accounts.

Synthetic End User Monitor (SEUM) was the original product name for WPM.

Transaction A transaction is a recording of web browser steps assigned to a specific location. Each assigned recording, or transaction, counts against your license.
Transaction location After creating a recording, you can assign the file to a place where a WPM Player is installed, known as a transaction location (also called a player location). A transaction location can be the Orion server, an Additional Polling Engine (APE), or a remote machine that hosts a WPM Player.
Transaction step A step is a collection of actions within a transaction. For example, the actions required to navigate to a specific URL make up one transaction step.
Unmanaged Transaction An unmanaged transaction is a transaction currently assigned to a specific transaction location, but purposely set as inactive so it does not report statistics to the Orion Web Console. When a transaction is unmanaged, historical data is retained but unmanaged transactions do not count against your license.
WPM Player The WPM Player is a Windows service that deploys, manages, and communicates with WPM worker processes to simulate end user experiences by playing back transactions.
WPM Recorder The WPM Recorder is a Windows program that records web browser steps as you perform them to simulate typical steps taken by end-users such as mouse clicks, text input, file downloads, and matching text strings and images.
WPM worker process

The WPM Player uses WPM worker processes to play back transaction steps, collect statistics, and return playback results to the WPM Player. Each WPM worker process on a machine hosting a WPM Player requires its own SEUM-User account because different processes handle different transactions at different times..

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