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Common debugging scenarios

Issues with JavaScript

You may encounter the following issues while performing actions in the Recorder:

  • JavaScript menu items are not recognized.
  • Clicks on <div> structures are not recognized.
  • OnMouseOver events are not recognized.

Hold CTRL+SHIFT while performing the problem action. This adds additional data to the Recording that may allow access to the problematic element.

Use CTRL+SHIFT only to record the actions that are giving you problems. The additional data added to the recording may slow down playback considerably.

Keyboard input does not work

Try using mouse clicks instead of keyboard navigation in the webpage.

Links do not work

Try to find an alternative method. For example, if the Compose email link on a page does not work, perhaps the same action can be accomplished by clicking the Inbox button.

Recorder hangs or becomes unresponsive

If the Recorder hangs or becomes unresponsive, restart the Recorder program and recreate your recording.

Element not found during playback error

If the element was not found during playback, recreate both the recording and the transaction.

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