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Step Details

Table of contents

The Step Details resource presents a table of general operational and administrative information for the selected step.

The Management row provides direct links to the following management actions:

  • Edit - allows you to directly edit the transaction to which this step belongs.
  • Play entire transaction now - initiates an immediate, unscheduled playback of the transaction the step belongs to.

The remaining table rows describe the following information:


Displays a green up icon if the step is running within the operating thresholds, or critical, warning, or down icons if it is not.

Page name

The title of the web page accessed by the step.


The URL of the web page accessed by the step.


The amount of time it took to play back this step.

Recording Name

The recording used to create the transaction.


The location used to create the transaction.

Playback interval

The period of time between successive playbacks of the transaction.

Last played

The date and time this step was last played.

Next playback

The date and time at which the step will be played again. If it is currently being played, it will read Now.

Actions The browser actions that comprise this step.

Available customization

Click Edit to change the following resource attributes:


The title and the subtitle of the resource.

Show Actions List

Click to toggle whether or not actions are displayed for this step.

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