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XY capture mode

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XY Capture Mode records the coordinates clicked within dynamic web pages. This applies to pages containing non-html elements, such as Flash and Silverlight based content. This feature works by starting a recording, then toggling on/off the XY mode as needed during a recording.


When you toggle on the XY Capture Mode, all mouse actions are converted from global coordinates to local browser coordinates and recorded. The Image Match action will then verify that the content is properly loaded before playback continues.

It is possible to add an Image Match into a recording after it has finished.

Configuring XY Capture Mode:

  1. Start your recording.
  2. Enable the XY Capture mode by clicking the coordinate's icon File:Success_Center/New_Articles/WPM-MT/040/010/030/03000015_18x18.png.
  3. Mouse click on the page as needed.
  4. Click Image Match File:Success_Center/New_Articles/WPM-MT/040/010/030/03000016_20x20.png and then drag your mouse over a region of the image.
  5. On mouse-up, the Match Image button will appear File:Success_Center/New_Articles/WPM-MT/040/010/030/03000017_71x18.png asking you to confirm the image match.
  6. Stop the recording by pressing Stop File:Success_Center/New_Articles/WPM-MT/040/010/030/03000018_18x18.png.
  7. Verify that the recorded clicks and actions were successful by clicking Play File:Success_Center/New_Articles/WPM-MT/040/010/030/03000019_18x18.png.
  8. If needed, edit from the timeline by right-clicking on a step.


    • Actions are recorded at the user's speed. If you have an unnecessary delay in your recording, double-click on the recorded action and change the recorded delay to another value.
    • Image Matching on animated objects is not recommended. During playback, animated objects may be in a different phase of animation, which will result in not being able to find the exact recorded image.
    • Select small regions. Image Match actions are CPU intensive. Select only small regions or portions of the image to improve the performance of playback.
    • Do not use the Recorder on screen resolutions greater than 1920 x 1200 pixels as operating system limitations do not allow the WPM Playback Player to function above this resolution.
    • Image matching: as soon as the image is found on the page, the timer is stopped and the next step begins. Image matching time is measured and added to the overall step duration.
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