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Installing the Recorder

The WPM Recorder is a Windows application that you can install on any computer that meets the following system requirements:

Recorder requirements




1.0 GHz


2 GB

Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2012, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012

TCP/IP Ports


80 (TCP) open for http traffic

443 (TCP) open for https traffic

17777 (TCP) open for SolarWinds traffic

Web Browser

Internet Explorer 9 or higher

Due to a known issue in Internet Explorer 8, Recorder breaks when IE8 is used.

Installing the Recorder:

  1. Run the TransactionRecorder.exe installer from your WPM package or download and run the TransactionRecorder.exe installer from the Web Console by navigating to: Settings > WPM Settings > Manage Recordings > Download recorder locally.
  2. Follow the installer instructions.

    During installation, any required prerequisites such as .Net Framework 4 will also be installed.

Configuring settings

When you run the Recorder, you are asked to specify the connection details of the WPM server. If you check the Remember Me checkbox, the connection details are saved for future Recorder sessions .


Recorder login fields and options

User name

Enter your username to log into the WPM server. If you have not configured any additional WPM users, use the default user name of admin.

The SolarWinds WPM user selected must have WPM administrator rights to create and manage recordings. Users who are not WPM administrators should consider using the Work Offline mode.

You cannot use Active Directory authentication with the WPM recorder.


Enter the password associated with the username. If you have not configured any additional WPM users, leave the password of the admin user blank.

IP or hostname

Enter the IP address or the hostname of the WPM server. The administrator should be able to provide this.

Remember me

Check this box to have the Recorder remember your credentials for future logins.


Click to connect to the WPM server and run the Recorder.

Work Offline

Click to run the Recorder offline. In offline mode, recordings cannot be saved or loaded to the WPM server, but must instead be exported and imported to and from your local disk as (XML) .recording files.

To save an offline recording to the WPM server, you must use the WPM Web Console's Import function on the WPM Settings > Manage Recordings page.

If you have another Recorder available that can connect to the WPM server, import the file into that Recorder and then save it to the WPM server.

Once you have successfully logged in, or have chosen to work offline, the recorder is launched.

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