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Licensing WPM

Table of contents

Updated February 5, 2017

WPM is licensed by the total number of transactions that are implemented, regardless of whether transactions are managed or unmanaged. The number of licenses used is calculated by multiplying the number of recordings by the number of locations assigned.

For example:

  • 5 transactions at 1 location = 5 licenses
  • 5 transactions at 3 locations = 15 licenses

License Tier

Implemented Transactions




License with 1st-Year maintenance



License with 1st-Year maintenance



License with 1st-Year maintenance



License with 1st-Year maintenance



License with 1st-Year maintenance



License with 1st-Year maintenance


Unlimited, standard playback rate

License with 1st-Year maintenance

Maintaining licenses

Beginning with SolarWinds Orion 2016.2, the web-based License Manager replaces the previous stand-alone License Manager included with standalone WPM 2.2.1. With the new web-based version, you can:

  • Add and manage all licenses for your environment on your main polling engine:  the License Manager pushes updates to all polling engines, web servers, High Availability pools, stacked pollers, and scalability engines. You no longer need to log in to each system to make changes. The License Manager automatically synchronizes your changes as you add, activate, and deactivate product licenses. You can also perform an immediate update.
  • Add and assign full and evaluation product licenses: to try new products and SolarWinds services, use the License Manager to add evaluation and full product licenses.
  • View and manage licenses on a single page in the Web Console: if your computer is designed to remain offline, the License Manager detects the offline status and automatically loads the offline mode to guide you through activation and deactivation processes for your products.

To open the License Manager in the Orion Web Console, click Settings > All Settings > License Manager.

SolarWinds recommends uninstalling the previous standalone License Manager application from servers; its usage can cause conflicts with the web-based License Manager introduced in SolarWinds Orion 2016.2.

Refer to the Web-based License Manager article to learn about using the License Manager, including how to migrate licenses and handle licensing in online and offline modes. See the SolarWinds Migration Guide for full instructions about migrating.

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