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WPM glossary

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Here is a list of fundamental terms used within this product with which you should be familiar:

Action An action is considered a single event within a recording. An action can be, but is not limited to, text input into a field, a mouse click, a download, and so on.
Managed Transaction A managed transaction is a transaction currently assigned to a location and actively reporting statistics to the web console. Managed transactions count against your license.
Player The Player is a Windows service simulating an end-user by playing back the steps of your transaction recordings. The results and timings are then reported back to the WPM Web Console, where the information can be viewed in various transaction resources. By installing the Player on remote computer systems, you form a cloud of Players that can sample the typical experiences of end-users in various locations around the world.
Recorder The Recorder is a Windows program that records web browser steps as your perform them to simulate the typical steps taken by end-users. Typical actions recorded include mouse clicks, text input, file downloads, and matching text strings and images.
Recording A recording is a series of navigational steps that are recorded. Once assigned to a location for playback, a recording becomes a transaction. A recording, in and of itself, does not count against your license.
Step A step is a collection of actions within a transaction. For example, the actions required to navigate to a specific URL make up one step.
Transaction A transaction is a recording of web browser steps assigned to a specific location. An assigned recording, or transaction, counts against your license.
Unmanaged Transaction An unmanaged transaction is a transaction that is currently assigned to a specific location, but is purposely inactive and does not report statistics to the web console. When a transaction is unmanaged, the historical data is retained. Unmanaged transactions count against your license.
WPM Server and Web Console The Web Console lets you play back your transactions on a schedule with intervals as short as one minute. The Web Console also lets you set thresholds on any step in a transaction when played back. These thresholds allow the WPM server to compare results and timings and warn you if a transaction indicates your end-users are experiencing service delays.

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