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WPM 2.2.1 Hotfix 6

Updated 10/17/17

Fixed issues

This hot fix addresses the issue where SolarWinds Information Service V3 crashes with the following exception: 

   System.NotSupportedException: Implementation doesn't support relationships with multiple column keys.
      at SolarWinds.Data.Providers.SEUM.v3.SEUMAccountLimitationsAddon.SetupRelationships(ISchema schema)
      at SolarWinds.Data.Providers.SEUM.v3.SEUMAccountLimitationsAddon.ApplyLimitationsToEntities(ISchema schema, ISelectStatement select, IIdentity identity)
      at SolarWinds.Data.Providers.Orion.AccountLimitations.LimitationAddonManager.ApplyLimitationsToEntities(ISchema schema, ISelectStatement select, IIdentity identity)
      at SolarWinds.Data.Query.Processor.LimitationApplicator.Process(SelectStatement statement, PreProcessorState state)
      at SolarWinds.Data.Query.Processor.PreProcessor.Process(SelectStatement selectStatement, PreProcessorState& preProcessorState)
      at SolarWinds.Data.Query.Engine.QueryProcessor.ProcessInternal(String query, IQueryExecutionContext context)
      at SolarWinds.InformationService.Core.QueryPlanCache.GetQueryPlan(String query, String usernam...).

This exception is caused because the WPM 2.2.1 Information Service V3 plugin, SolarWinds.Data.Providers.SEUM.v3.dll, is not compatible with Core 2017.1 or newer versions.


  • This hot fix requires main installation of the Web Performance Monitor (WPM) 2.2.1.


Download the hotfix from


This hotfix contains one file:

  • SolarWinds.Data.Providers.SEUM.v3.dll

This file must be installed on the main WPM server machine and all WPM additional pollers machines on which Information Services V3 is installed.


  1. Extract the hot fix ZIP file to a temporary location.
  2. Backup the following file to a folder outside of the Orion folder structure. * SolarWinds.Data.Providers.SEUM.v3.dll The default location for this file is in the C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Information Service\3.0\Plugins\ directory.
  3. Stop all SolarWinds services.
  4. Replace the file: * SolarWinds.Data.Providers.SEUM.v3.dll in the C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Information Service\3.0\Plugins\ directory with the extracted version from this archive.
  5. Unblock the file as follows:
    1. In File Explorer, right-click SolarWinds.Data.Providers.SEUM.v3.dll.
    2. Select Properties from the pop-up menu.
    3. From the General tab, click Unblock and confirm.
  6. Start all SolarWinds services.


The WPM 2.2.1 Information Service V3 plugin, SolarWinds.Data.Providers.SEUM.v3.dll, should now be able to set up the relationships needed to apply limitations to entities.


  1. Stop all SolarWinds services on the main WPM server machine and all WPM additional pollers machines.
  2. Restore the file: * SolarWinds.Data.Providers.SEUM.v3.dll, from the backup created during installation to C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Information Service\3.0\Plugins\
  3. Start all SolarWinds services.

For more information, contact SolarWinds Technical Support at 

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