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Unstable transaction status in WPM

Created by Harry Griffiths, last modified by Harry Griffiths on Dec 13, 2016

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The transaction summary view shows unstable behavior of a transaction, going into an up and down and unknown state when no issues are visible during recording and initial playback.


The transaction will go into an unknown status in the following cases:

  • The transaction was not played back yet
  • The player is down/unreachable (at the time the transaction was sent to player for playback)
  • The transaction was not replayed on player for several playbacks - this happens when the player is responding however there were no results for several consecutive playbacks, so basically requests are sent to the player but results are not sent from player

In this article, we describe further potential causes to the standard unknown status cases.


All WPM versions


Cause 1: Sometimes recording in real-time does not display any problems, but during playback, the website may need to load each part fully. In case it does not, you may have an incorrect status during the playback.


Cause 2: If there is more than 1 separate deployment of WPM, for example a test environment, that has been set up and is communicating with the player in question.


Cause 1:

Verify in the actions timeline to see if the step has a wait action at the end.

  1. Add a time wait for the step from 50 ms to 1 second. The default timeout threshold for pages in a WPM transaction is 30 seconds. If you need to specify a longer time to wait, insert a Wait command before or after an action. These Wait times are not included in the recorded time for the transactions.
    1. Right-click on the action before or after the part you want to insert a pause.
    2. Select Insert Wait above or Insert Wait below.
    3. Select the time to wait, and click OK.

Cause 2:

  1. You should check the player location for any other established connections other than the poller.
  2. Open Command Prompt as administrator
  3. run command: netstat -a > netstat_1.txt
    wait 20 seconds
    run command: netstat -a > netstat_2.txt
    wait 20 seconds
    run command: netstat -a > netstat_3.txt
  4. Check for another IP address \ Hostname different to the poller IP.
  5. Login to the second environment and remove any production locations \ players.
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