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Player Load spikes to more than 100%

Updated March 7, 2017


WPM Player load is spiking to more than 100% on the WPM Player.


WPM Player


Player SEUM-Users account.


Workaround 1:

  1. Check if the players are being played.
  2. If not, adjust the limitation of the seum-users.
  3. The Domain policy forbids non-administrator local accounts to log into the computer with the SEUM player.
  4. Modify the SEUM user account that is experiencing this issue to be a local admin (add to local administrators group). 
    1. Go to Control Panel > User Accounts > Manage User Accounts.
    2. Select the SEUM user > Properties > Group Membership.


Workaround 2:

The service does not have the correct passwords for the User Accounts in its configuration files.

  1. Open a Remote Desktop Session to the system with the problematic WPM Player.
  2. Open a Run Prompt > services.msc.
  3. Stop the following services:
    SolarWinds WPM Playback Player
    SolarWinds WPM Playback Player Proxy
  4. Open another Run Prompt > lusrmgr.msc.
  5. Go to Users > delete all "SEUM-User-xx" Accounts.
  6. Open another Run Prompt > appwiz.cpl.
  7. Find "SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor Transaction Player v2.2"
  8. Run a repair on this to recreate the User Accounts.


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09:47, 28 Mar 2017