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This webinar will focus on use cases for HR, Facilities and Accounting.

Having a unified ticketing and asset management system for all the departments in your company can provide end-users with a seamless experience and make things easier for your IT team. Yet, with different business tasks and objectives, many departments don’t fully understand the capabilities of Web Help Desk and how the software can be customized for effective use in their departments.
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Player Load spikes to more than 100%

Updated March 7, 2017


WPM Player load is spiking to more than 100% on the WPM Player.


WPM Player


Player SEUM-Users account.


Workaround 1:

  1. Check if the players are being played.
  2. If not, adjust the limitation of the seum-users.
  3. The Domain policy forbids non-administrator local accounts to log into the computer with the SEUM player.
  4. Modify the SEUM user account that is experiencing this issue to be a local admin (add to local administrators group). 
    1. Go to Control Panel > User Accounts > Manage User Accounts.
    2. Select the SEUM user > Properties > Group Membership.


Workaround 2:

The service does not have the correct passwords for the User Accounts in its configuration files.

  1. Open a Remote Desktop Session to the system with the problematic WPM Player.
  2. Open a Run Prompt > services.msc.
  3. Stop the following services:
    SolarWinds WPM Playback Player
    SolarWinds WPM Playback Player Proxy
  4. Open another Run Prompt > lusrmgr.msc.
  5. Go to Users > delete all "SEUM-User-xx" Accounts.
  6. Open another Run Prompt > appwiz.cpl.
  7. Find "SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor Transaction Player v2.2"
  8. Run a repair on this to recreate the User Accounts.


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09:47, 28 Mar 2017