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Add Player locations

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Created by Wilard Bao, last modified by Jozsef.Budahazy on Mar 22, 2018

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How to add a player server in WPM.


  • WPM 2.1
  • WPM 2.2


  1. Login to the Orion Web Console.
  2. Go to Settings > WPM Settings > click Manage Player Locations > click Add Location.
  3. Now you have these options to add the player:
    1. Install location on my network (A player will be deployed to the desired network location).
    2. Add a location in the cloud (Select this option if you do not have access to the physical hardware at your desired location. A cloud location will be created).
  4. Add an existing location (A player must already be installed on the local machine or at a remote location to play the recording.)
  5. Complete the steps accordingly.

Note: Make sure the player could connect to the WPM poller or you can telnet on port 17781 from the WPM poller to the player.



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