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Putting Your Logs Where They Belong with the New SolarWinds Log Manager for Orion

The new SolarWinds® Log Manager for Orion® finally puts your log data right where it belongs, in the heart of your Orion console. Gain insight into the performance of your infrastructure by monitoring your logs in a unified console allowing you to see a wealth of information about the health and performance of your network and servers.

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Web Help Desk and DameWare integration

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Starting with DameWare 11.1 and Web Help Desk 12.2. both DameWare and Web Help Desk can integrate with each other.

If you are running earlier versions of DameWare or Web Help Desk, follow the steps in this article to integrate the applications.


DameWare versions earlier than 11.1 integrated into Web Help Desk


  1. Install DameWare on each technician computer.

  2. Download and install CustomURL on each technician computer. 

    If you are using Windows 7, see the DameWare/Web Help Desk Integration product blog on THWACK for help on including CustomURL, as it cannot be in %SYSTEM32%.

  3. Open CustomURL and click Add.
    • Protocol: DWRCC (suggested)

    • Application:
      C:\Program Files\DameWare Development\DameWare Mini Remote Control\DWRCC.exe

      Your installation folder may vary.

    • Arguments:
      -c -h -m:%Host% -u:myUserName -p:myPassword -d:myDomainName     

      See the DameWare Support website for a list of additional arguments. 

  4. Open Web Help Desk.
  5. Click Setup > Assets > Options > Other Tool Links.
  6. Click Add Link.
  7. Click the previously-selected icon in the Asset view.

    DameWare launches a remote session.

    1. In the Tool Name field, enter DameWare Remote Control.
    2. Follow the URL as shown below. integrating dw and whd.png
    3. Select the Open in New Window checkbox.
    4. Select an Icon, and click Save.
    5. Perform the following steps for each tech account:
      1. Click Setup  > Techs > Techs.
      2. Click a tech in the Tech Name column.
      3. Click the Account Info tab. > [Tech]  > Account Info.
      4. Click the pencil to enter Edit Mode. 
      5. Under Asset Setup, select the Enable DameWare Links checkbox.
      6. Click Save.
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