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WHD upgrade error: Too many keys specified. Max 64 keys allowed

Updated December 22, 2016


This article describes how to fix the following MySQL error message displayed when upgrading WHD:

Too many keys specified. Max 32 keys allowed


  • All WHD versions
  • MySQL 5.x


MySQL allows a maximum of 64 indexes per table.  The issue is caused by duplicate indexes created on columns in the JOB_TICKET table by a previous WHD update(s).  When the database update attempts to add additional indexes, the total number is increased past 64, and the error is triggered. 


Delete the duplicate indexes in the JOB_TICKET table.  The duplicate indexes will have a 2 at the end of their keyname. Refer to the screenshot of what the indexes should look like -- in this case using phpMyAdmin.  You can use phpMyAdmin to delete the duplicates. 

You can also use the MySQL Command-Line tool and use show index from JOB_TICKET.  After you have identified the duplicate index keynames, you can delete the duplicate indexes by doing drop index [index keyname] on JOB_TICKET. Repeat this for each of the duplicate indexes. 

When all of the duplicate indexes are removed, the database update should proceed as normal.




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