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Home > Success Center > Web Help Desk (WHD) > WHD displays error 404 after upgrading to 12.4

WHD displays error 404 after upgrading to 12.4


After upgrading Web Help Desk from 12.1.0 to 12.4.0, the application does not start properly, generating error 404.


WHD 12.4.0


  • The installation file was not unlocked properly. Microsoft® Windows® operating systems prevent programs downloaded from the Internet from changing any files in the Program Files directory. 
  • Web Help Desk cannot load specific .jar files, causing the application to crash. 


  1. Back up your Web Help Desk deployment.
  2. Locate your installation package.
  3. Right-click the package and select Unblock. 

    The package is ready to be installed in your Web Help Desk deployment. 

  4. Uninstall Web Help Desk.
  5. Restore the and whd.conf to bring back the application configuration.
  6. Apply your new Web Help Desk license using offline activation.

    The online activation process will fail. 

  7. Install the Web Help Desk upgrade.
  8. Restart Web Help Desk.
  9. Verify that Web Help Desk is available using your URL. 

    Web Help Desk is installed in your deployment

See the Web Help Desk Getting Started Guide and WHD Upgrade Guide for more information.


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