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Web Help Desk Getting Started Guide

Last Update: September 12, 2018


Welcome to the Web Help Desk Getting Started Guide. This guide picks up right after the Web Help Desk installation process and walks you through the initial steps you need to start using the application. This guide also includes role-based training materials that you can distribute to your techs and clients.


Existing customers: Access your licensed software from the SolarWinds Customer Portal. If you need implementation help, contact Customer Support for assistance.


Need to open a support case? Read this Customer Support article to get your case the right level of visibility.


Evaluators: Download your free 14-day evaluation here. If you need assistance with your evaluation, contact


Did you know that if you are on active maintenance you can get FREE training? Go to SolarWinds Academy to check out our lineup of eLearning and live classes.


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How to get started after you install the software. 

Create client accounts

How to create client accounts for users who submit tickets and techs who submit cases.

Create tech accounts and define tech permissions

How to create tech accounts and permissions that determine the actions each tech can perform in the application.

Create tech groups and request types

How to route tickets through Web Help Desk and assign them to techs.

Configure ticket options

How to configure the ticket status types and custom fields that apply to all tickets.

Create incoming and outgoing e-mail accounts

How to set up email accounts that receive incoming tickets and deliver outgoing mail from saved tickets.

Set up ticket creation by email

How to set up Web Help Desk so you can submit tickets through email.

Set up asset management

How to track the deployment, use, and maintenance of corporate assets (such as servers, laptops, and printers).

+ Configure the ticket types

How to configure tickets as service requests or incident tickets.

+ Train the techs

How techs can get started using Web Help Desk.

+ Train the clients

Use a template to develop training materials for your Web Help Desk clients.

+ Beyond getting started

How to customize Web Help Desk, add additional functionality, and get help.



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