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Add notes to parent and child tickets

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Created by Steve.Hawkins, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Jul 19, 2016

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When you create a service request, you can add notes and attachments that provide additional information to address the request. This process allows your help desk and service technicians to work together and solve a customer issue.

For example, if you hire a new employee and create a parent ticket to address linked child service requests (such as purchasing a new computer system and installing software applications), you can add notes and attachments in the parent ticket about specific hardware and software requirements that propagate to the first-level service requests and assigned service technicians. If a service technician experiences a problem with configuring the new employee's computer system, he can add notes and attachments to the service request that appear in the parent ticket (if desired) and associated sub-child tickets.

When you add notes and attachments to parent and child tickets, the following rules apply:

  • Parent ticket notes propagate to first-level child tickets. Parent ticket notes do not appear in sub-child tickets.
  • Child ticket notes propagate to the linked parent ticket (if desired) or first-level sub-child tickets.
  • Propagated notes can be edited in the ticket where the technician created the note.

To create a parent or child ticket note:

  1. Locate and open a parent, child, or sub-child ticket.
  2. In the Notes tab, click New.
  3. In the text editor, enter the text for your note.
  4. Select the appropriate check box to process your note.
    • Visible to Client: make this note visible to clients of this ticket.
    • Solution: assign this note as the solution. 
    • Date Override: set a custom time stamp to the note.
    • (Child and sub-child tickets only) Show in Linked Parent: display the note in the linked parent ticket.
  5. Select any additional Work Time, Billing Rate, and Attachments options.
  6. Click Save.

    If you added a note to a parent ticket, the note appears in the parent ticket and the first-level child tickets.

    If you added a note to a child ticket, the note appears in the child ticket, parent ticket (if you selected Show Linked Parent in step 4), and linked sub-child ticket(s).

    To view the attachment, click the hyperlink in the note.

  7. Click Save to save the ticket changes.
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