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Improve ticket resolution with ticket types

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Created by Steve.Hawkins, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Jul 19, 2016

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Ticket Types groups together multiple tickets on the same issue as Child tickets of a Parent ticket. This capability allows Child tickets to be handled when you edit the Parent ticket.

Web Help Desk uses three types of tickets to facilitate this type of ticket resolution: Service, Problem, and Incident.

Ticket Type Description Example

Service Request

A request submitted by a client to Web Help Desk for assistance, such as information, advice, or access to an IT service.

Reset a password.

Access a shared network resource.

Replace a printer toner cartridge.

Problem Ticket

A ticket that provides the root cause for attached Incident and Child tickets.

These tickets are based on an initial Service Request or an automatic trouble ticket from a system integrated with Web Help Desk.

The HR printer has a paper jam.

Incident Ticket

A ticket that describes a new occurrence of an issue currently documented in an existing Problem ticket.

The Incident ticket can be attached to a Problem ticket. Once attached, the Incident ticket becomes a Child ticket. Incident tickets are created from a Service Request or an automatic trouble ticket from a system integrated with Web Help Desk.

HR department personnel receive an error message when they send a document to the HR printer.

When a ticket type is set to Problem in the Ticket Details tab, the ticket becomes available in the Problems drawer, as shown below. 

WHD Ticket Details Tab31.png

When a Parent ticket is closed, all of its Child tickets close as well. When you view a Parent ticket, you can view notes from Child tickets. When you view an Incident ticket, you can also view the notes from the Problem ticket.

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