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Define the ticket routing processes

Created by Steve.Hawkins, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Jul 18, 2016

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Ticket routing processes define when and how to route tickets for certain types of requests, providing a controlled environment for managing time and cost-sensitive events. This feature enforces your defined settings, ensuring the right person or team receives the trouble ticket in a timely manner for problem troubleshooting and resolution.


You can add client personnel responsible for approving or denying changes, as well as define the process work flow and requirements. When you create your SolarWinds Web Help Desk ticket routing processes, you define your action rules. approver roles, and approval processes.

Approval processes

Web Help Desk supports approval processes to authorize work to proceed for certain request types. Approval processes consist of multiple approval steps that specify a set of clients, change advisory board, or a location/department approver who authorizes a ticket so a tech can work on it. Change Advisory Boards (CABs) comprise a set of clients who authorize approval steps assigned to them.

Approver roles

Clients with approver roles approve ticket assignments based on the location or department associated with a given ticket. For example, each location could have a facilities representative and faculty representative location approver role who must approve requests to get a new printer.

You can configure these roles for each location in the Location Approvers screen located at Setup > Processes > Location Approvers. If these roles are assigned to an approval process for a Procure Printer request type, Web Help Desk automatically sends approval requests for this request type to the clients-assigned approver roles for the ticket location.

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