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Web Help Desk Administrator Guide

Last Update: September 12, 2018

Web Help Desk Administrator Guide in PDF

This guide provides an overview of the Web Help Desk features and information about deploying the software in your corporate enterprise. 

Using the information provided in this guide, you can: 

  • Review typical stand-alone and integrated deployment architectures
  • Set up the application
  • Enable FIPS 140-2 cryptography
  • Manage clients, assets, tickets, and customer feedback
  • Integrate the application with DameWare MRC and supported Orion products
  • Configure and manage authentication
  • Import and export data
  • Create a knowledge-centered support system for your techs and clients

Introduction to WHD

Information to help you get started with WHD.

WHD requirements

Lists the Web Help Desk system requirements for a Microsoft® Windows Server® installation.

Set up the application

How to set up Web Help Desk for your help desk operations.

Enable FIPS

How to configure a new or existing WHD deployment for FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptography.

Configure and manage authentication

How to configure and maintain SSO and security authentication for the WHD browser interface.

Manage clients

Clients typically interact with Web Help Desk using the Web interface, but they can also be set up to work with Web Help Desk using email.

+ Manage tickets

Web Help Desk uses tickets to manage service requests. These tickets can be initiated through email, created in the application, and imported from another application.

+ Automate ticket workflows

How to automate ticket workflows using priority types, action rules, tasks, and task elements.

+ Manage assets

How to manage your assets (such as computers and laptops) across an enterprise.

+ Import and export data

The data import options let you import data in bulk, rather than manually adding individual items.

+ Create and edit reports

How to configure reports in WHD.

+ Set up parts and billing

How to track your inventory of parts in WHD and set up billing.

+ Manage client feedback

How to set up surveys in WHD to get feedback from clients after closing a ticket.

+ SolarWinds Orion alert integration

How to integrate your WHD instance with SolarWinds Orion alerts.

+ Integrate with DameWare MRC

How to configure the integration between WHD and DameWare MRC.

+ Knowledge-centered support

How to set up your KCS in Web Help Desk and create FAQs.

+ Appendix

Additional helpful information for using WHD. 



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