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SolarWinds WHD v12.3.1 Release Notes

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Updated 12/18/2015

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® v12.3.0 Service Release 1 (v12.3.1).

New Features and Improvements

SolarWinds Web Help Desk v12.3.1 includes fixed issues and the following features included with v12.3.0:

  • Parent/Child Ticket Relationships

    SolarWinds Web Help Desk can now link multiple service requests to one parent ticket to address a repeated issue or task (such as on-boarding a new employee or tracking your IT projects). Additionally, you can pass user data, attachments, and custom fields between parent and child tickets to share data to relevant tasks.

    See Creating Parent/Child Service Relationships in the SolarWinds Web Help Desk Admin Guide for more information.

  • Automated Ticketing Processes

    SolarWinds Web Help Desk now includes improved task capabilities. Using tasks, you can now link a new ticket automatically to an existing ticket that triggers an action rule.

    See Creating Tasks in the SolarWinds Web Help Desk Admin Guide for information about creating tasks.

    See Creating Action Rules for Ticket Processing in the SolarWinds Web Help Desk Admin Guide for information about creating action rules.

    See Automating Parent/Child Tickets in the SolarWinds Web Help Desk Admin Guide for information about configuring tasks that initiate by action rules.

Fixed Issues

Issue Case Number
A Warning dialog box now displays correctly in the Ticket Details tab when you modify a ticket being edited in another session.


Web Help Desk no longer generates a system error when you edit the Default Client Admin Permissions check boxes for a selected client admin in the Setup > Companies & Locations > Locations & Rooms > Location Info tab.


Ticket note text now displays correctly when you generate a PDF invoice in the Parts & Billing tab.


You can now access a secure (HTTPS) server using Google® Chrome® Canary.


The Scheduled Date text now displays correctly in TSV and PDF reports when you add a Scheduled Date column to your My Tickets window.


The Ticket Bar Chart widget no longer generates a system error when selected in the Dashboard.


Web Help Desk no longer generates an intermittent ""Too many files open" system error when you start the application.


Web Help Desk no longer generates an intermittent system error when you open a ticket.


Child tickets are now always created after parent tickets and have higher ticket numbers than their parent tickets.


Ticket Tasks now create email notifications when run by an Action Rule.


Web Help Desk no longer generates an error when executing a task.


The Close button image now appears in the Messages > New Messages tab.


733872, 746394, 755531, 772494, 783947
The text in approval emails is now formatted properly.


663012, 713783
Plain text emails are now formatted correctly.


Asset reports in TSV format are no longer sent from Web Help Desk with an .xls extension.



Getting Started

Upgrading Web Help Desk

You can upgrade from Web Help Desk v12.0.0, v12.01, v12.1.0, v12.2.0 and v12.3.0 to the current version. See Upgrading Web Help Desk to the Latest Version located in the SolarWinds Knowledge Base for more information.

Upgrading Your Apache Tomcat Software

The SolarWinds Web Help Desk software installer includes Apache Tomcat 7.0.59, which provides enhanced security and is required for this release. When you upgrade your Web Help Desk software, the upgrade procedure replaces the(WebHelpDesk)\conf\tomcat_web_template.xml file with an updated file that includes the Tomcat v7.0.59 settings.

Before you upgrade your Web Help Desk software, back up your current tomcat_web_template.xml file to an external directory. When the upgrade is completed, add your personal settings to the updated file from your backup file.

Upgrading Your Apache Tomcat Server Template File

To prevent unauthorized access to your Tomcat server, SolarWinds recommends configuring your tomcat_server_template.xml file using the following procedure. Do not add any additional code or modifications to the file, which may result in system performance issues or errors.

  1. On your Web Help Desk server, navigate to the following directory:


    where (WebHelpDesk) is your Web Help Desk home directory. 

  2. In the /conf directory, back up your current tomcat_server_template.xml file to a separate location.  
  3. In the /conf directory, open the following file in a text editor:


  4. In the file, locate and replace all _DHE_ substrings with the following substring:


  5. Save and close the file.

For more information, contact SolarWinds Customer Support.

Product Licensing

Licensing for Existing SolarWinds Web Help Desk Installations

The evaluation version is fully functional for 30 days. After 30 days, you must purchase and apply a new SolarWinds Web Help Desk license to access all advanced features and additional tech seats based on your purchase.

You can purchase a license online or by contacting Customer Sales at (866) 530-8100. After your order is processed, you will receive an email with your SolarWinds customer ID (SWID) and password along with your invoice (if purchased directly). You can use this information to access the Customer Portal, create an account, download your software, and activate the license in your SolarWinds Web Help Desk software.

See Purchasing and Activating a SolarWinds Web Help Desk License in the SolarWinds Knowledge Base for more information.

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