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Troubleshooting scenarios

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Created by Steve.Hawkins, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Jul 19, 2016

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Portecl says my CA Reply certificate cannot be trusted.

An issuer Portecl does not trust signed your certificate. You must obtain a root certificate (or chain of certificates) from your CA that matches the issuer identity of your certificate and import them into Portecl before importing your own certificate as a CA Reply.

You can determine the issuer of your CA Reply by temporarily importing your certificate into Portecl as a trusted certificate rather than a CA reply, and then examining its certificate details. Review the certificate details of other certificates in your keystore to see if any of them match your certificate's Issuer attribute. If not, obtain a certificate from your CA that does match.

After you import a certificate that matches your certificate issuer, as well as any other certificates needed to trust those certificates, delete your temporarily trusted certificate and re-import it as a CA reply to your keypair.

After importing my certificate, Web Help Desk does not start.

Check your whd.conf file to be sure you commented out the SSL_PORT setting and your DEFAULT_PORT and HTTPS_PORT settings are not conflicting with any other processes on the server.

Ensure that your KEYSTORE_PASSWORD setting in the whd.conf file matches BOTH the password of your keystore AND the password of your keypair. The default password is changeit.

After importing my certificate, Web Help Desk is OK, but my browser shows a self-signed certificate.

Verify that your private key was generated using the DSA algorithm. DSA keys can fail with many browsers, including Internet Explorer. Try using RSA instead.

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